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Melo amphora and two red Emperor Australia, Queensland, Keeper reef 07.11.91


Sea Shells Collector and Traveler


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My name is Jose.

When I was young around 15 in 1977 I was collecting rocks. I had few, not a lots and I was asking to the kids at my college if they have any.

In my class one boy, I remember his name Eric, told me he had shells from Reunion Island. I didn’t think much about it (only shell that I knew where dull from the beach of North of France) but I thought I could exchange them.

Boys! When I saw the shells that Eric brought back from the island in the Indian Ocean, that was the end of the rocks story. Rocks doesn’t rock for everyone.

I wasn’t lucky to get shells trough people though they were kind to bring me some but they often brought back beached shells that were beyond recognition.

So I started to collect my own. Wherever I travelled I learnt where to look for them, learnt the pleasure of cleaning them and dealing with the smell.

I worked on a prawn trawler off Townsville Australia or went for a ride on a oyster trawler in Bluff New Zealand.

I dove and snorkelled day or night, cold or warm, clear or muddy waters in Jamaica, USA, Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, Panama, Cape Verde, Senegal, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Greece, Turkey, Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Zanzibar, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Egypte, UAE and South Africa.


I would like to thanks the people below for helping me in the past:

My Mother & Father,

My Brothers & Sister, My Nieces & Nephew,

Diana McNaughton; Jeff; Linzi, Greg, Tara & Connor; Jules King; Todd J Ness; Des Aspill; Chris & Shannon O’Donaghue; Mandy,

Mikhail Tchernega; Antoine Dias & family; Baltazar Dias; Sarah & Fred Brice; Pedro Velasco,

Deon Smit & his Parents.